i-Update (CMS/self-edit)

Bluex2 Web Design is pleased to introduce i-Update – The perfect web site building tool, that lets you rapidly create and manage your own website.

What is i-Update?

i-Update is a simple, powerful and affordable web content management solution that lets you update your own web site from the comfort and familiarity of your web browser. Only runs on an internet enabled PC.

For Web Site Owners

This is the end of paying technical staff to perform expensive and time-consuming updates. You have complete control of your web content and can add/edit/delete product information, build a new site section, alter your branding or launch a new marketing initiative in minutes – and you can do this from anywhere in the world and from any web browser!

How can you benefit from using i-Update as your web site editor?…

  • Manage an entire web site from just one location
  • Make updates at any time, from any internet-enabled PC
  • Save time and money and be up and running in under an hour
  • If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use i-Update

Web Developers

Any web developers that are interested please email us.

If you would like more information about our content management system i-Update, please e-mail us at Bluex2 Web Design Gold Coast or contact us on 07-55 712 270.

Features for Web Site Owners:

  • User-friendly interface, just ‘Point and Click’.
    No technical or programming skills are required. It also comes with clear User Guides and a handy online help system.
  • Fast and simple – everything is handled in the browser!
    100% DHTML, JavaScript and PERL/ASP/PHP code with no slow Java or ActiveX components to worry about.
  • Powerful file manager with no need for FTP.
    Create new files based on templates, upload files from your hard drive, copy, rename, delete files and more.
  • Completely online HTML WYSIWYG Editing (What You See is What You Get).
    If you or your clients can use Microsoft Word, then you can use i-Update! Rich text formatting, search, replace, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, tables, links, images and much more!
  • Create slick tables fast.
    Set their border color, alignment, spacing and more. Once created, simply right click on it for a handy popup attribute menu!
  • Forms in a flash.
    Create contact, survey or order forms directly from your web browser with text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, buttons and more.
  • Upload images directly into your content.
    Using the powerful i-Update image manager is a snap.
  • Multi-lingual spellchecker.
    heck your web pages in American, British or Canadian English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.
  • Powerful link manager.
    Point and click to create links to other pages on your website or to external sites
  • Instant template previews.
    See instant snapshot previews of the templates you are creating.
  • Requires NO FTP, HTML or programming knowledge.
    If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use i-Update! No need to worry about coding, a third party FTP client or learning how to use them!