How is Google Page Rank determined?

What is Google Page Rank?

If you’re after top search positions in Google, you probably already know to pay attention to the Google Page Rank value that shows up on your Google toolbar. The idea behind it is to give a measure of importance to a particular web page, and it is based on the number and quality of backlinks to this page. Google then uses this Page Rank along with a text-matching algorithm to generate the search results ordered by relevance to the search query.

The rank of a page can also be equated to the probability that a web user will end up on it, taking into consideration the manner in which the web is linked, and the possibility that the user may not click on a link but perform a random jump instead. So, if the probability is relatively high, then Google views the page as prominent, and therefore important.

How does Page Rank work?

Google Page Rank for a particular page is directly proportional to the number of links that point to it. However, these links are not all given the same weight. Google claims that some links are more important because they originate on pages that are themselves considered important. So, out of two links from two different pages, a link coming from a page with a higher Page Rank will be given more weight in the algorithm. Besides being dependent on Page Rank of the originating page, the weight of a link is also inversely proportional to the number of links originating from the same page. That is, a link coming from a page with 20 other links on it will be given much less weight than the link coming from a page with only 2 links.

That means that it is possible for a page with only one backlink to have a higher Page Rank than a page with multiple backlinks, if this link originates from an “important” page with few links.

On top of these factors, in determining link weight Google also takes into consideration whether or not the linking page is in the same domain or on the same server, geographical proximity, text within the anchor text and immediately surrounding it, and originating page content.

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